How come none of you told me about this?

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  1. Coz, you, my dear lad, don’t watch telly. The album is being advertised on channels these days and I’ve seen the first single off it already.

  2. Shyam: you got that right – not been watching the telly. Looks like I’ll be switching back to funk for a bit.

    bewra kekra: assumptions, assumptions. Might I suggest that you also assume that I’ve read what you’d sent me to read? 😛

    harneet: the square brackets are forums. 😀

    anonymous: :S

  3. aaj pakka ho jayega. There were bits in the first para that I didn’t like. Been busy all morning – lots of things to do.

    Oh, and AdityaM (ref:FLS) is in Delhi. He’s linked to on the blogroll as Jumbo Jet and Zone5.

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