One link to rule them all

Pandora: about / player

(credit due to Squared for blogging about this. Thanks^Infinity)

Note: This is the Music Genome Project, where they’ve apparently broken compositions into a particular pattern of genes (click on ‘about’, above, for a better explanation). The idea is that if you like a particular composition for its music and tempo, you would probably like songs and bands whose music has a similar ‘genetic’ structure. So, you simple select a song (I selected Motorcycle Drive Bye by Third Eye Blind, forever in my top 3) and they then played similar music by other band. Great way to discover music and bands that you would probably end up liking. “Recommendations shall never again be forced upon us again. We are FREE”. And all that. Hence – one link to rule them all.

(I, of course, know better. Reccos will be forced upon me by evil people with french beards and a liking for ‘Modest Mouse’. I have no choice. :P)

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  1. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this, but not checked it out yet. Does it really play some great music? works well enough for me. I’m not one for listening to a lot of streaming music, takes my bandwidth away from downloading “other” stuff.

  2. A place where you find out about bands that sound like bands you already listen to? Why would anyone want that?

    Recco – The Dandy Warhols. (With a name like that you really have to give them a listen…)


  3. I suppose then, that there is no sense in keeping more than one album per band. Someone would probably end up freeing a lot of space if he deleted all but one album of Modest Mouse. Even more if that someone deleted the entire discography. O-)

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