On Juande Ramos at Spurs

There was an incident in a Tottenham game a few months ago, very shortly after Juande Ramos had taken over as the manager of the struggling team, that caught my attention. Soon after being substituted, midway through the second half of a successful game, a player (I don’t remember who) was walking straight into the dressing room. Ramos called him back, to watch the game to its conclusion, to watch his team win.
I haven’t been able to watch much football over the past couple of weeks, so I haven’t really been able to track the success of Spurs, but I’ve read and heard that Ramos has been fairly strict since he took over. They beat Arsenal and Chelsea to win their first Carling Cup in years. More on that, and Ramos here. Would love to read a story on how he’s managing the team – star footballers tend to have egos the size of the football field. Ramos’ statements after the win:

“The team has been improving little by little in the terms of the security and confidence that they feel. This final reaffirmed that. They have improved their general demeanour, like in the [recent] games against Arsenal and Manchester United, and Chelsea are another one of those teams, they are on the same level.They have shown they are able to concentrate, to fight with the best of them. The key was not making mistakes. They managed that…(On captain Ledley King) “This was the sort of game that it was very important that Ledley played in,” said Ramos. “He made a tremendous effort to be able to play. Having lost the last time he played in a final [the 2002 League Cup against Blackburn], this was a new experience for him and one which he deserved.”

Little by little. A team that rises too quickly, tends to peak. And then it’s all downhill. Better to build slowly and steadily, litte by little. Hope the success doesn’t go to Tottenham’s head — I don’t think it will, in case of Ramos.

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