On Ganguly playing under Dravid

This is a situation that could have been avoided, but strangely enough, the Indian Board has actually fought for it. I’ve been speculating for the past few weeks, on how things would be with Sourav playing under Dravid, if the ban was revoked. Now that it’s happened, the dynamics on the field will be interesting to watch, I think.

From Dravid’s perspective, if Sourav calls the shots on the field, Dravid will be perceived at worst – a weak captain, or at best – a subordinate; nonetheless, as being “not assertive enough a leader”, a tag that his comparitive lack of aggression has earned him. This might mar his chances as a future captain if Sourav ever be dropped. Sourav’s presence on the field and his manner of commandeering of his troops is seen to have been most effective, and I feel Dravid’s aggression has always seemed more of a put-on than natural. He’s always allowed his performance to speak for him.

On the other hand if Sourav allows Dravid to lead him and call the shots on the field, and Dravid succeeds, it might spell doom for Sourav. Given the criticism that Sourav has had to face in the recent past for an apparent dip in his performance as a batsman, he would need to assert his authority.

It would be interesting to see if this change of roles has an impact on the relationship between the two. I can’t imagine that it wont. Prem Panicker of Sightscreen it was, I think, who had mentioned that Dravid is the first vice-captain who hasn’t plotted to become the captain. Perhaps this team would have been best served had either the ban not been reduced, or Dravid not been made captain for the entire series.

Either way, Dravid has something to lose.


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  1. Hmm…I think that discussions on Ganguly’s captaincy have become redundant. Dravid, however, is impressing me with his unabated aggression with bowling changes.

    It looks like he’s trying to make a point. What is most interesting is, however, that there have been rumours of a cold war between the two captains. Only one solution will benefit the team. Can you guess? ūüėČ

    (that said, I think Ganguly did a lot of good for himself yesterday. Kudos to him – he’s a fighter, all right.

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