On chaddi logic

Random chat published without permission:

Aditya: hey
Nikhil: yo. ‘sup?
Aditya: suggest a name for a blog. serious stuff
Nikhil: for you?
Aditya: yeah
Nikhil: twinkle toes
Aditya: keep in mind most of the good names are taken

Nikhil: twinkle toes is not
Aditya: and just what makes twinkle toes a good name?

Sorry, this blog address is not available
Please consider one of the following:
* aditya-twinkletoes
* twinkletoes-aditya

Nikhil: an ironic name for a serious blog. it’s a brilliant name
Aditya: 😀
Nikhil: twinkletoes aditya, then O-)
how about chaddi logic ?
Aditya: no.
maybe this was not such a good idea
Nikhil: a serious blog? yeah. too many around
Aditya: asking you for an opinion, ass
Nikhil: well then i’m not to blame for your chaddi logic

Chaddi logic…that term could catch on, whatsay? Now we just have to figure out what it means…though like most wonderful terms, it will probably mean different things to different people. That’s one helluva chaddi logic.

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  1. Posts that emerge from flying by the seat of your pants?

    BTW thanks to Goodness Gracious Me (and their expression “kiss my chuddies”), everyone in Britain knows this word. So it is worth a survey to find what it means to people 🙂

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