Wonderful cinematic experience. Apart from a couple of songs, not a boring moment in the movie. Both Saif Ali Khan and Konkana Sen Sharma are brilliant…the chap who played Roderigo, the one whom Saif’s Langda Tyagi (Iago) manipulates was also very believable. Can’t get enough of Konkana Sen Sharma – she had even made Mixed Doubles watchable. She’s hot. Echoing Jai’s words – is there nothing she can’t do?

I didn’t like:
1. Omkara/Othello’s character was not allowed to develop. He’s their leader and exercises hierarchical dominance. Apart from that, he’s no different from the rest.
2. Omkara’s half-caste (moor) reality could have been exploited in the UP context, but sadly, is hardly touched upon.
3. Keshu/Cassio does very little to justify his position as bahubali. He seems too naiive/confused a kid, and perhaps some element of gallantry would have helped make him believable. A miscast? Was he scripted an impotent character…cause Cassio wasn’t one.
4. The snake-in-yellow-stuff was the only scene that felt over the top. Omen’s are a part of Indian culture, but it didn’t have to be as explicit as this. Omkara stepping out was good enough.
5. Bipasha Basu as ‘Billo Chamanbahar’ could have been more believable if she had excess, badly put make-up…she looked like a prim and proper star straight out of Bollywood, and didn’t do justice to the rural setting.

I loved the final shot, and the silent rolling of the credits. Catharsis was made believable, so kudos to the director for a splendid job. Possibly the most memorable scene is where Saif puts the kamarbandh around his head- he looks powerful and consumed with evil…a snake. The devil. Then there’s a scene where Konkana Sen Sharma looks mad with rage, like Kali.

This is definite must must watch…at least twice.

A complete review here. Jai’s is here.

PVR Naraina Rant:
What spoilt the last 30 odd minutes of the movie for me was incessant wailing from two ends of PVR Naraina. I hate that theater and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Every time I go there (and only because a friend of mine books tickets for that useless theater only), there’s some dumb f**k who’s brought in the kids for a serious movie, and then spends half the f**king movie placating the kid or ignoring it. This woman, two rows ahead of me, kept pacing up and down the hall with the wailing and jumping kid, obviously distracting the audience. I mean, if your kid is crying non-stop and you can’t manage it – get out!!! Why spoil the fun for the rest of us?
This was an adult movie, so how come PVR let in (at least) 4 kids?
Frankly, I think these theaters should have a no-kids policy, or separate timings. If my cousin sis is reading this (she’s started reading blogs, heh), she’ll say – once you have kids, you’ll get to know.
*sigh* I guess I’ll have bear with idiots in cinema halls until I can afford a big screen TV with a home theater system, and a kid-disintegrator at the entrance.

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  1. Answering your Q (and Jai’s) – Is there nothing she can’t do?

    Act well.

    But of course, if you like the “scene where Konkana Sen Sharma looks mad with rage, like Kali” – need I say more? That was the moment the spell of the movie (for all its innumerable & immense flaws, it did manage to cast one) was, umm… dispelled. This had me rolling in the aisles laughing. Wonder why she held back with the tongue-lolling bit. :-))

    Methinks the hype around her acting skills had become greater than the hype around Mr. Bachchan’s. Now that takes some doing – and for that, KSS, we salute you.

  2. kekra: please do trash the movie on your blog and…ping me. Would like to read your take on it. I didn’t know there was a hype around her acting…just read jai mention her. And she just seems to execute every role naturally with effortless ease.

    illusions: I’m supposed to do the same, and I don’t mind watching it again. Avoid Naraina.

  3. Was considering doing a review of the movie after reading the tonnes of raves it was gathering. But then I thought that it’s not worth the time – it wasn’t good enough or bad enough. Just an okay movie by a potentially brilliant director.

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