Not really a Dreamhost

So, Dreamhost really seemed like a dream host, with their packages and the massive first year discount. Ankit is using Dreamhost, and has had no problems. My cousin Vivek also recommended it; he’s using it for a few of his portals.

So, I signed up for a Dreamhost and paid.

Next thing I know – Dreamhost informs me that I need to fill out a form, make a pencilled impression of the credit card and fax it to them for a confirmation. Now, I don’t know anyone here who uses a fax machine, or even has a fax machine with a phone that has international calling facility. Plus, why the hell should I pay for an international call when I’m already paying for the account?

Also, there was no mention of the faxing requirement during the sign-up stage, so Dreamhost are ensuring that you make a payment, cause the faxing requirement could put some people off. This way, you’re more inclined to fax cause you’ve already paid. I had other means of payment, so would have chosen other means if only they had mentioned it.

What really irritates me is the fact that DreamHost actually charged the card for the payment and THEN asked for a verification. It’s common sense that the card should be charged after the card has been verified.

I don’t have that kind of time to look around for a ISD fax machine, so I asked dreamhost for an alternative solution. They offered me none.

Finally, fed up, I had to ask them to close my account, and cancel the payment. They’ve “issued a refund”, which means that the payment had already been processed before verification.

One good thing: They cancelled the account on request immediately, and there were no processing charges.

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  1. Ouch.. that sucks, man. The best way to get a Dreamhost account in your situation would be to get someone else to pay for it, and then pay them back. They’re really good compared to all other hosts, so it’s worth it in the end.

    Any way, good luck!

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