Nominated…(and going to LA)

No, not MixedBag. Our flagship publication, has been nominated for a Webby award, in the Best Business Blog category.

Update: Says Rafat about awards – “we diss them publicly all the time, but as soon we get nominated, we become an award whore (well, more specifically me).”
Heh…true for me too.

Also, we’re just 16 days away from our first conference, EconSM, which I shall also be attending, and surely blogging about.

Will be reaching LA on the 24th, and after five days there, leaving for NY for two days, and then Boston for another couple of days. Plans for each city are still being firmed up, but after the mixer and the conference, I’m going to meet people a few people who’re in the thick of things in a fast converging world – be it culture, media and/or technology. If there’s anyone you know in any of these cities whom I should meet – please do let me know.
And before I leave, there’s a get together for ContentSutra readers being planned…

(psst…any tips on getting over jetlag, or things I should be careful about in LA, NY and/or Boston?)

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