More Useless Fun

Again, courtesy Aditya, a link that might make you laugh so hard that you’ll fall off your chair:

The killer facts that you might have made up‘ thread, and


I.R. Pirate: A polar bear, when standing on the north pole, faces south, no matter which direction he faces. A polar bear, when standing on the south pole, faces north, no matter which direction he faces.
stue: What happens when he looks at the ground??
I.R. Pirate: he sees his feet sir
stue: Clever Clogs! Anyway, did you know that polar bears dont have any feet?
I.R. Pirate: Polar bears call their paws feet
steynvcants: polar bears have feet but they dont have yards
ex_matelot: Polar bears should always be seated to the left of an archbishop at a dinner party.
ILS32: Polar bears only rides a bicycle when there’s an R in the month.
taildragger: Polar bears eyes cannot recognise the colour beige. Many penguin varieties have therefore taken to wearing cardigans for camouflage. Polar bears sometimes hide their black nose behind a pawful of snow when sneaking up on eskimos. The smarter eskimos have taken to strewing pepper on the snow and listening for sneezes. Polar bears are not interested in glacier mints. They prefer polor mints.

Sounds fun.

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