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(Coming soon – Still More Things That We Click. Just kidding)

Yes, that’s a Great Dane going for a ride in an auto. Please take note that clicking this is a high precision manoeuver taken by someone (me) with five years of experience of driving in Delhi. In other words, do not try this at home (or anywhere else). There are other pics in this series, one taken from a rear view mirror, another from behind the auto, and yet another side view. These can be viewed for a small fee of $5, payable via paypal. 😛

That there is Angel, though he isn’t aptly named. He has a voice that can make you deaf and he isn’t afraid to use it. He sometimes mumbles a hello, but usually screeches at the top of his voice. He possesses the unusual skill of opening his own cage when he thinks no one is looking. He climbs up on top of his cage, walks around for a while, and even if the window is open, he goes back, shutting the cage door behind him. Since no one usually believes this possible, for proof, we have a video file. At lease, we think we still have it – will have to look around. $10 for the effort? 😛

That’s the strangest tea stall I have ever seen. I think this was taken on Faiz Road. As you can see, the shop is around 4 ft high and even has a shutter. I wonder if it is still around, after the MCD demolitions.

Taken in CP. The bookseller maybe thought there was a connection between the Butter Chicken in Ludhiana and Bitter Chocolate, looking at their titles.

This is at a Kathi Shop on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road (probably the only MG Road in India that isn’t a Mahatma Gandhi Road). Interesting idea – the shop owner allows visitors to put up their business cards on the board. Twice, while we were eating, people came in to take a look at the board, and one of them stepped out and came back to grab a quick bite.

This happens only in India? I suppose there ar people who would prefer their chicken burgers without onions and garlic during Navratras. O-)

I suggest that you see this video that Ankit posted on how Indians drive. It seemed nothing special to begin with, but after some time I found that I was laughing at it. In fact, had it been a short video, I don’t think I’d have found it amusing.

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