More problems with Tata Indicom Internet Card…Cancelling Conn today

My experience with Tata Indicom has been dreadful. Others may have had a better, less troublesome time, but I’m probably never going subscribe to any Tata Indicom service again – just as it is with Sify (their broadband sucks). This is going to be my barometer for all of Tata Indicoms services – because apart from the poor quality of service, miscommunication of price, billing issues, and selling me a spurious modem – their customercare has sucked too. Signing up for their service on Feb 27th was a costly mistake.


1. Suspension of account for non payment, but no bill was sent to me for two months:

Apparently, Tata Indicom’s way of telling me that my bill is due is by suspending my account. As if I’m going to go to their collection center every month to ask if anything is due.

The second time in a row that they suspended my account without sending a bill (the first time I paid up because I was in desperate need of connectivity), I decided that I’d wait for them to get back to me. Complaining to the collection center people wasn’t working. A month later, around the 20th of Sept, I received a mail from Indicom ironically titled “We Miss You”. They wanted me to call them up to talk about the non-payment.I was requested to contact any of three customercare people who would help resolve the issue. After a couple of hrs of attempts last Saturday, I finally got through to a “Manju”. I was told that someone would get back to me to resolve the issues by Monday. No one did, throughout the week. On Thursday, one customercare exec told me to forget-about-it. I was unable to get in touch with the three that had been named in the letter (number busy, or call not picked up).

2. A grand connection speed of 1kBps (8kbps) (Avg):


Not to forget that it is erratic, and didn’t work for me at a conference I was covering in Mumbai. I find that GPRS (Edge) is faster and more reliable.

Earlier problems faced with Tata Indicom – some of these have since been attended to, others not. But I still had to go through a lot of trouble to get some resolved:

3. Spurious modem:

Indicom has tied up with Huawei, but their retailer initially sold me a spurious modem with my connection; Indicom’s retailer, and hence their responsibility. For me there was an opportunity cost, apart from several trips to the retailer, which did not serve any purpose.

4. Connection did not work for the first two months:

I’d bought the connection on 27th February, and it did not work till March 21st on account of that spurious modem. To their credit, Indicom had waived those charges, but then it should have worked from the start.

5. Miscommunication of charges, and mobile related charges for Internet connection:
Rs. 1500 a month for an unlimited connection is what I had been told by the retailer. I checked and crosschecked with him about any additional costs – apart from installation and taxes. Later, I found out that Indicom forces you to take voice connection – a Do More voice plan for Rs. 199. After exchanging mails on this with Indicom people, this was waived, but I still unknowingly paid it for a couple of months. Also, as per a bill which customercare emailed to me, Indicom is charging me for Call Waiting, CLIP and Call Forwarding on an Internet connection.

This is where I like Airtel – their customer-care resolves issues. When I found that my GPRS plan – NOP – did not work with any applications (like GMail, Opera Mini etc) they agreed to cancel my GPRS and not charge me for something that was not communicated correctly. I have recently signed up for their more expensive GPRS plan that allows apps. Tink, though, has had issues with Airtel.
Any feedback on Reliance v-data card?

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  1. HI guys,

    Watzzup just going through lot of blogs with ref to the matters related to the TATA indicom broadband consumers suffering and wanted to create a unified voice for all of us.
    Hence you are requested to provide your vsnl/ tataindicom email id and user id complaint no.
    Please drop me a mail at my email id

  2. Dinaaz: I’m not getting involved. Have already got my Tata Indicom connection disconnected.

    Ankit: This is the wireless v-data card, not the broadband. Differing opinions on broadband – my cousin Vivek’s had no probs with home connection, while Shekhar has was miserable with his.

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