Making hay when the sun don’t shine…

‘Tis, the question, courtesy Finch,Scout.

If you make hay while the sun shines, what to do when it’s cloudy?

1. Use the hay to make a thatched roof for your hut, in case it rains
2. Make hay while the sun shines, play cricket when it’s cloudy
3. Hay, while the sun shines, fly a kite for ‘tricity while it’s cloudy.
4. Roll about in the hay, when the sun don’t shine. 😉
5. Dig up little holes for puddles, in case you like to watch puddles gather rain.
6. Let’s see. Now that it’s dry, you sift out the seeds and roll it up.
7. Sit down and think of better things to do when the sun shines next.
8. Wrap some of the hay around you and do the hoola, for rain.
9. Dig up a mini canal system for your paper boats, in case it rains.
10. Feed the damn cows; that’s what the hay’s for.
11. Now that the hay is made, find someone to sell it to.
12. Now that you’ve done all the hard work, hide the hay from the communists before they distribute it to all those didn’t make hay while the sun shone.
13. Use flash if you’re planning to click a photograph of the hay while it’s cloudy
14. Ctrl+S before Windows hangs.
15. Now that the work is done – Party!
16. Throw a needle in the haystack
17. Hold the mike firmly in front of your chest, look up and say “…partly cloudy skies, with no chances of rain, and a maximum temperature of 24 degrees Celsius”, as a drop of water lands on the camera lens.
18. Call up someone you know in a city (like mine) were it’s really really hot, and make ’em jealous by talking about the splendid weather.
19. Check your email ASAP, if you’re using Sify. Cause once it begins to rain, your net connection is bound to go down.
20. Weave the hay into umbrellas to sell to tourists for a minimum of 600 bucks at Janpath.
21. Spread a rumour in the media about rain-causing hay, and charge admission for devotees that queue up to put tikka’s on the haystack
22. What did you expect, once it’s sunned and ready, things are bound to get hayzy.
23. If the hay’s not ready yet, and it remains cloudy, use a heater.
24. Wait till it’s sunny again
25. Well, there’s no scope of using it to send smoke signals on a cloudy day, so find something else to do with it.
26. Write a self help novel on “Making hay when the Sun don’t shine”.


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  1. 27. smoke weed and fly.

    28. try out morse code by lighting a fire with the hay.

    29. wait for the rain to put out the freaking fire.

    30. cock gun and wait for sify customer care guy to land at doorstep of newly built straw hut.

    31. or straw hat.

    32. make hay piles, cover with thick fabric, sleep on it, and watch the sky. watch the thick clouds. feel waindwops..

    aww.. i love rain!

    full tangent has happened, no?

  2. 33. SMS someone in Bikaner (where it’s f’in hot) about how cool it is where you are.
    34. Use the hay to block the hole in the bucket so as to collect rainwater
    35. Dig a hole, and cover it with the hay, wait for rain to fill it with water, and hope Patty walks over while chasing the black buck.

    Love watching the sky, and the clouds swirling. I’d written something about it as a part of this story. Love the rain.

  3. 36. Find the needle that you threw in the haystack.
    37. Watch the movie “Hay Ram”.
    38. Count the number of hay straws. Divide that number by “Pi” and multiply the quotient by the atomic weight of Kryptonite. See if this gives you some multiple of your age.
    39. Donate the hay to SPCA…at least some cow somewhere gets 3 meals today.

  4. 40. Stuff the hay up some tam’s lungi

    41. If he babbles in tam, stuff it up the place where the sun dont shine.

    42. Sing the song, “Hay baby, hay baby, hay”

    43. Run before the boss comes and things go “hay”wire!

  5. 44. smoke some of it to look cool without actually having to fly afterwards, then SMS someone that its flooding in shimla while offering them some of your choicest hay in case they are drowning and throw the needle back in the remaining hay so that you look busy enough when the boss comes around looking.

    45. save some of it for another sunny day because you know, it’s hay’er today and it might be a crows nest tommorow.

    yessir, i yum ba-aeck!…

  6. hehehe.. got a superb koshun, tres vague, but fun to work on:

    what it is? (use Tam accent if it helps..)


  7. This is great fun, Nick. But I miss your “post” posts all the same. Am going to Motif to re-read the Edit and get my much-needed “Nix Fix”.


  8. Not much to work with, scout! 🙁

    Right now (song by Van Halen), I’m reminded of a Mark Knopfler song that’s called ‘What it is’

    Shwe: Lots happenning, and things have only just settled down. I’m mostly on the move. Was planning to put out an issue today, but two submits only. I’ve got an idea for an edit, but it’s been ages since I wrote. Things will go crazy again tomorrow, so it’s best I do this today.

    I picked up a prized catch from Darya Ganj yesterday. Was dragged there cause some friends didn’t know their way around, and I picked up quite a few books again. Among them was a Discworld Big Comic: Mort by Terry Pratchett for 50 bucks. This beats Vivek’s Philip K. Dick novel for 20 bucks. Yes, I compete 😛

  9. okay..

    why birds and the bees?
    not pink tutus under trees?

    *innocent grin*

    okay, my brain has died.

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