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Well, my connection has been iffy for a while, thanks to Sify. Here’s what I read on Sunday:

This comic from Badmash. Inspirational, really.

The Humour Formula, from the Dilbert Blog

Reading resources (all bookmarked): Complete works of Oscar Wilde and George Orwell. Haruki Murakami‘s writing(not complete). Classic Horror Short Stories (quite a few there).

Fifa World Cup groups, here. Groups F looks particularly tough, with Brazil, Croatia, Australia and Japan.

Saurabh Wahi analyses cricket stats.

Dictionary of Imaginary Places
(great fun. Bookmarked)

A 15,139 Word Palindrome (or Palindromic Sentence) – Not quite, actually. It’s not a sentence, just a list. And, err…who’s going to check whether it is palindromic or not?

How did George Lucas create Star Wars? Guesses, it seems.

The ‘Free Online Books’ Hunt – guess how many people suggested Project Gutenberg? (not many. Good links there.)

The Art of War on Wiki – Some really interesting trivia.

If I made that, I’d change my name – 12 film lovers pick their least favourite movies. J.G. Ballad hated Kill Bill ! :O

This Philip Roth interview.

I spit on your movie! – Cult Film Reviews

Project Gutenberg top 100 – Please note that “Kamasutra” was almost as popular as “Knots, Splices and Rope Work”.

I’ve also been trying to read The Manticore’s Secret, but it’s a little more difficult to read than Simoqin. I can’t seem to get beyond the part where Kirin dreams of Dragons. But this one has a lot more and lengthier descriptions.

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  1. Re: Kill Bill, I’m with Ballard, especially when he says – “it’s just a compendium of film cliches, which weren’t wittily transposed or played upon.

    A homage to bad films, done with zero sense of humor (this is even worse in Vol. 2), really cannot be a good film.

    That said, I thought the Anime sequence in Vol. 1 was totally awesome.

  2. Amitken: Yep. Read a few of the stories…there really wasn’t much. Sunday was a majorly messed up day – programs for the afternoon and evening got cancelled, so I spent it mostly reading while waiting for a phone call. And not the phone call I got from Twilight Fairy, asking why I hadn’t turned up for the Blogger’s meet. I was under the impression that the post on the blog was an invitation, not an order.

    Ankit: Yep, got my copy and been reading it little by little. Much more descriptive than Simoqin, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Or maybe it’s just me – too many characters so far and I’m not even halfway into the book. Read Simoqin? Brilliant, isn’t it?

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