Lifebuoy se nahao, nahih to shamshan jao


Ironic, innit? That’s not all. Even the walls of the Electric Crematorium are being used for advertising. This is prime advertising space on the ultra busy Mathura Road in Delhi. The irony of the above pic was noticed by my friend Abhinit, while I pointed the rest of the adverts out to him.

(Will substitute this, once I get a better image from Abhinit.)

Right next to is, on the walls of the crematorium are three others The other advert, with the Brazillian tee is of Sportstar (Special World Cup issues for Rs.8 only).

Actually, it might do a lot of good…might distract those mourning:

“He was such a kind soul. Why God, why? Why why wh…Oi! World Cup issues at only Rs.8? WOW! I must go and get me one of those”

Well, it is a bargain at Rs.8, y’know.

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