Jungle Jungle baat chali hain, pata chala hain – chaddi pahen ke World Cup hame hi jeetna hain

Each of the Hyundai sponsored WC coaches will have the teams slogan on it, voted for by fans. Surprisingly, for a sport with the largest fan base in the world, the slogans aren’t particularly inspiring.

Let’s take a hypothetical situation – it’s the 2050 world cup and India makes its first appearance in the finals, exactly a century after they should have (Trivia: they qualified in 1950 but refused to participate because they weren’t being allowed to play barefoot). What would their slogan be?

“100% of the world cup should be reserved for us”
“We made the ball, and we’ll take the cup”
“With two billion voters, this cup is our democratic right”

Okay, I’ll stop mixing sports and politics:

“This time we’re wearing shoes; this time we’ll play and we’ll win”
“#Include (WorldCup.Win); “
“Jungle Jungle baat chali hain, pata chala hain – chaddi pahen ke World Cup hame hi jeetna hain”

More later. Pliss to make use of comment box for posting your slogans.

Here are the not-so-inspired slogans slogans, some of which don’t seem very inspired (probably because the English translations don’t do them justice) :

Angola – “Angola lead the way � our team is our people”
Argentina – “Get up, Argentina are on the move”
Australia – “Australia Socceroos � Bound for glory”
Brazil – “Vehicle monitored by 180 million Brazilian hearts”
Costa Rica- “Our army is the team, our weapon is the ball. Let’s go to Germany and give it our all”
C�te d’Ivoire – “Come on the Elephants! Win the cup in style”
Croatia � “To the finals with fire in our hearts”
Czech Republic � “Belief and a lion’s strength, for victory and our fans”
Ecuador � “Ecuador my life, football my passion, the cup my goal”
England – “One Nation, One Trophy, Eleven Lions”
France � “Libert�, egalit�, Jules Rimet”
Germany – “For Germany, through Germany”
Iran – “Stars of Persia”
Italy � “Blue pride, Italy in our hearts”
Japan – “Light up your Samurai spirit!”
Korea Republic – “Never-ending legend, united Korea”
Ghana � “Go Black Stars, the stars of our world”
Mexico – “Aztec passion across the world”
Netherlands � “Oranje on the road to gold”
Paraguay � “From the heart of America… this is the Guarani spirit”
Poland � “White and red, dangerous and brave”
Portugal � “With a flag in the window and a nation on the pitch. For�a Portugal”
Saudi Arabia – “The Green Hawks cannot be stopped”
Serbia and Montenegro – “For the love of the game”
Spain � “Spain. One country, one goal”
Switzerland � “2006, it’s Swiss o’clock”
Sweden � “Fight! Show spirit! Come on! You have the support of everyone”
Togo � “A passion to win and a thirst to succeed”
Trinidad and Tobago – “Here come the Soca Warriors � the fighting spirit of the Caribbean”
Tunisia � “The Carthage Eagles… higher and stronger than ever”
Ukraine � “With our support, Ukraine cannot fail to win!”
USA – “United we play, United we win”

Oh and, I really liked the ESPN-Star Sports slogan for the WC: Dunia Goal Hain, particularly because I’d already thought of it and it was a pleasant surprise.

P.s.: Around six years ago, I had read in the India Today that a soccer school was being run in Delhi. They’d gone and recruited some of the tallest kids from villages and small towns and were training them so that they could represent India in the World Cup. I haven’t heard of them since. Anyone else read that article, and anyone know what happened to them? Oh, and don’t forget to post your slogan for India. 😛

Amit Ken suggests

Seedhe raste ki yeh, tedhi chaal hai, Goal Maal Hai bhai sab Goal Maal hai.

Very apt, I think. The English translation – Crooked steps down a straight path. The goal’s the goal, brother the goal’s the goal. Of course, my translation doesn’t come close to the intended meaning, and misses an amusing auditary pun in Goal Maal.

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  1. Only the French one was truly inspired – I know because I wrote it! So the French won’t be saying ‘bonjour’ or ‘hello’ but ‘kiddha!’

    J Singh

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