Jeevika and Jaipur

Saurav da is currently on board Goa Express and shall be in Delhi tomorrow, to attend ‘Jeevika: the south asian livelihood documentary competition‘ at the India Habitat Center (IHC). He’s staying at my place tomorrow, so lets see if I can get him to guest-blog at Mixed Bag about his documentary A Page from the Red Data Book, which will be screened at IHC at 3:15pm on Sunday (22nd). It’ll be screened at a few colleges/schools over the next week.

Some of you might remember Saurav from this rather controversial post about the two hours we spent “Talking about movies, television, Cricket, writing, old friends and Bong guys wanting to lay Punju girls”. I guess tomorrow will be fun. Leave a message if you know him.

I’m off to Jaipur on Sunday to attend the Literature Festival. I’m going with Jai and Chandrahas, and most of the time I’ll probably be trying to understand what these well read litocrats are talking about. I’m taking a fresh notepad with me to take notes. Y’know, something like ‘Jai articulated the…’ and ‘Chandrahas argued that…’

Not really, heh. This is just a step up from Rocktoberfest and the Jazz Utsav, where I was taking notes on my mobile phone. I’ve almost forgotten about what happened at those two events, so now you know why, and why I blog about events. ūüėÄ

I’ll be back on the 24th, and Saurav will be free to roam the city in the evening, so if you’d like to join us for a cuppa and conversation related to movies, television, literature, cricket and arguments for the sake of arguing, let me know. We’re trolls in real life too, sometimes.


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