Jazz Utsav 2006 (Woohoo!)

Well, I’d been wondering about the Jazz Utsav… had a wonderful time last year, and even if I did rant about some of the performances (here, here and here)- I remember it fondly; it was, by far, the best experience of live music I had last year…and I went for some 34 gigs in all. No such luck this year, even though the number of live events has increased.

Over the past week or so, I’ve been pestering both gupta_anuj (:P) and Prakash Thadani of Silkworks for details of the Jazz Utsav. While this years line-up doesn’t seem as kickass as last years was, and the tickets/passes for Delhi are much more expensive (no students tickets at Rs.50?) – it still should be a memorable experience…but, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Though I wish I was in Bombay – the venue looks awesome, unlike stuffy Sai Audi in Delhi. I’ve only heard Jazz in a closed environment, and the acoustics at Kamani last year were awful. The consolidated details of the Jazz Utsav 2006 are as follows:

Venue: Sai International Centre, Lodhi Road.
Time: 6 pm to 10 pm
1st Dec: HFT (Delhi), Kirsti Huke Quartet(Norway), Martin Dhanukar (Swiss)
2nd Dec: Wolfgang Haffner (Germany), Maria Sadowska (Poland)
3rd Dec: Pierre Favre (Switzerland), Sidewinders (India), Amit Heri Group (Bangalore, Mumbai)

Tickets: Rs. 500 and Rs.300, available at The Music Shop – Khan Market; Steakhouse – Jorbagh; Turquoise Cottage – Adchini; Haze Blues & Jazz Bar – Vasant Vihar; RSJ Office – Shahpurjat (Ph: 26497945). Available tomorrow, and at least Khan market can be expected to be sold out by the afternoon.

– Get your tickets ASAP. People tend to hoard them…last year, Shivangi and Sam of RSJ had kept several passes for me (and some of you).
– Only 4 passes per person allowed, so I can’t pick ’em up for you like last year. Anyone care to join me?
– Parking space around Sai Auditorium is at a premium, unlike Kamani Auditorium last year

Venue: Amphitheatre at Landsend, Bandra
Time: 6:30pm to 10pm
1st Dec: Gary Lawyer (Mumbai), Emanon (India)
2nd Dec: Sidewinder (Denmark/Australia/India), Pierre Favre (Switzerland), Kirsti Hukke (Norway)
3rd Dec: Martin Dhanukar’s Blood System (Switzerland), Maria Sadowska (Poland), Wolfgang Haffner (Germany)
Tickets: Thadani House, 329/A. Worli Village, Worli Sea Face End. Next To Naval Coast Guard Headquarters, Mumbai- 400 025. ph: 24373385, 24379841, 24229986 and Time: 12 noon to 4pm. Available from 27th November Till 30th November, 2006.

– Also, in case you’re wondering why the name Wolfgang Haffner sounds familiar (I did) – it’s because ‘Hafner’ is a symphony by Wolfgang Mozart.
– If this sounds like a plug…it is. I’m not being paid for this, or getting free passes (should I?)…but I like to, as they say, evangelize live music. 🙂
– A ppt I received about the event refers to Gary Lawyer as the Frank Sinatra of India. *grin*
– Pls don’t tell too many people until Monday…I should have my tickets with me by then.

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