DSC00293Reached LA yesterday, after a 21 hour flight, via Heathrow. Got lost in Heathrow for a bit, ended up going through the security check at the wrong terminal, and eventually got to the right one. On the from London to LA, got a lot of sleep – the flight was virtually empty, and I had a rum and coke, and just lay across four seats and slept.

More about yesterday later, but here are a few photos from the ContentNext Media office – we just got our first set of official business cards in, and some cupcakes to celebrate it. Tonight’s the EconSM mixer, and tomorrow’s the conference. not sure if I’m going to blog about the trip yet, though. Blogging means less time to do stuff, so… 🙂

The photos:

Rafat with the business cards

Staci with the business cards

me with the business cards


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  1. How is it that the first post after you land mentions a sugar-laden food? Wait, don’t answer that. I research obesity in the UK and the US. I might know the answer 🙂

    Enjoy LA! Good Luck.

  2. sickens is right. was wondering if there would be enough water inside the pot. anyway. will know when the pahwarotti sings.

  3. Okay, so *someone else* thought the cupcakes were edible, and tried them out. I didn’t take a chance. 🙂
    Najmia made ’em, and they were very tasty.

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