In Case of Emergency

I don’t usually post forwards, but one that I got today looks useful, so I’ll summarise it for you:

What to do: Save your emergency contacts as ICE1, ICE2, ICE3… on your mobile phone. ICE standing for “In Case of Emergency”
Why: It has been found that in case of accidents, paramedics often cannot identify whom to call from the contact list on the victims mobile phone. If the ICE campaign catches on, it can help.

Good idea – useful and simple. I’ve already done it and suggest that you do too. Might not work in India, but who knows…Also, spread this around. It could help someone.

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  1. for no particular reason, this post reminds me of an old santa-banta joke.

    both of them, police constables in amritsar this time, are approached by a tourist seeking thier help who tries to communicate with them using english, spanish and a couple of other languages that he’s learning. they don’t understand anything so he gives up and walks away, to which santa remarks that maybe they should learn to speak other languages, or atleast english. after considering the point for a while, banta remarks that it would be of no use, that man knew so many but did it get him any help?

    (damn. jokes are best told colloquially)

    ~ harneet

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