In Bombay

So I’m in Bombay, at a cybercafe, and the first thing I notice is how open people here seem to be to a systemization. The cybercafe required me to produce a photo-ID, a local address and a local number, which I gave. Someone who just walked in said to the cybercafe owner that it’s good that there’s a security check on those at cybercafes. “It’s for our own good”, he says. I’m impressed. The other thing is, the first thing you see as you exit the domestic airport is a long line of people queuing up to take auto rickshaws. Is there a prepaid auto service?. No, they tell me. It’s just like this so that the auto guys don’t fleece anyone. There are security personnel managing this entire process, and everyone’s waiting patiently for their turn. You get into the auto, and tell him where you want to go, and he takes you there without arguing, without trying to take detours. You ask for a card at the end, to check on the payment – and he’s accurate. No squabbling, no hassles. Efficient. In Delhi, an auto guy wwill prefer to do nothing for 20 minutes, just to charge a customer that extra 20 bucks.

Am here till the 23rd, early morning. The last few days have been fantastic – three conferences, very sapping – all. Lots of blogging at ContentSutra to catch up on…So today, I decided to sit back and clear the backlog. Sorry about not being able to meet you guys from FLS, but there’s also a CS meetup to organize. So…am meeting Ravi on Tuesday before the CS meetup…maybe you can join me there @bandra.

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  1. Hi Nikhil,

    I’m checking out your blog after a long time. And if I remember correctly, it had a completely different template earlier. Somehow I liked the earlier look better.

    Anyway, ditch that. What matters is content, not the looks.

    Lets catch up sometime in Delhi.


    Amit Ranjan

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