Images from Day 2 at the Jaipur Literature Festival

(The following are pictures taken during the Jaipur trip, taken with a Nokia 6600. Click on images to enlarge. Yes, they aren’t too clear, nor are they too large. So buy me a digital camera, what?)

Interesting title. Taken at a small bookshop outside Midway restaurant, en route to Jaipur. Among the daily activities shown is bathing; the rather revealing caricature has been conveniently excluded from this photograph. On display was also Chetan Bhagat’s One Night at the Call Center

A somewhat woozy Jabberwock prepares to take a photograph of Chandrahas and me. Taken at Sindhi Camp. While several auto/rickshaw drivers had needled us incessantly on our way outside Sindhi Camp in search of our driver, not one troubled us when we walked in.

Why Pink? Taken at Diggi Palace.

Colourful bell-lamps just before the seating area. On tables below the bell lamps were glasses of much-needed chai.

The seating area outside the hall where the readings took place. Had there been more seats, there might have been fewer people inside. The sunshine had that distinct winter warmth.

Next to the seating area was the books display. Two Bhag’s in the second photo, next to each other – The Bhagwad Gita and Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone.

The hall where the book readings/discussions took place. Though beautiful, it was, perhaps, too yellow. The lights in front tended to make us feel sleepy after a while. The picture in the middle features the performing poet, Vivek Narayanan.

The lunch bell(s)

Diggi Palace

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The Jabberwock buys a Kit-Kat.

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Yes, we know he spends a lot of time in India, but Daalrymple?

Chandrahas doesn’t just do thoughtful expressions.

More tomorrow…

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