I like to move it, move it

The blog, I mean.

Pliss to updates your links and RSS feeds if you’re linking/using RSS readers

– I’m now at www.mixedbag.in and, yes, on Dreamhost.
– The RSS Feed is at http://www.mixedbag.in/feed/, for now.

May install all those Feedburner, Digg etc things, though I think they mess up the design.

The design of the new blog will evolve, but, as always, will be minimalist. This is the fifth host (after buildpage, brinkster, blogger, wordpress) and once it’s finished – will be the sixth original design, not taking into account the two I’d done for Motif.

The shift to wordpress was attempted earlier, but http://nikhil.wordpress.com just didn’t have the designing flexibility I want. This blogspot blog will remain because I don’t want the URL to be hijacked (like what happened with Rahul at http://rhymebawd.blogspot.com).

Would like to thank Viv for helping out after the payment confusion, pencilled faxes and what not…I’m expecting lots of WordPress tips and tricks from you guys – either in the comments of this post, or (preferably) here.

Also – what kind of content would you like to read…not that I’m out of things to write about. 😀

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