Hate to nitpick, but…

From RBK Cricket:

full screencap here.

(Who Whom am I kidding? I love to nitpick….)

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  1. Nikhil, you will enjoy reading the Language Log (www.languagelog.com). Today’s post is about a dangling modifier.

    While we are on the subject of nitpicking, may I submit that it should be ‘WHOM am I kidding’ and not ‘WHO am I kidding’? The interrogative pronoun in this sentence is to be used in the accusative case, whereas ‘who’ is decidedly used in a nominative sense. 🙂

  2. You are welcome, Nikhil.

    Life has taught me that learning German grammar betters one’s understanding of English grammar.

    Some of my French friends have told me that in France, they often get taught German as the first foreign language before they learn English, as the latter then is an easier task. Admittedly, however, French has way more poetic licence in sentence construction than German might ever allow and then again, even some French people never learn all the complexities of French grammar. 🙂

    I do also think that the way Sanskrit cases (what we call ‘roop’, i.e. ramah, ramau, ramaahaa) are set up is very advanced.

    Nominative case = use as a ‘subject’
    Accusative case = use as an ‘object’

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