Hand of God

I started watching football during the last World Cup, and since then I’ve heard several mentions of Maradona’s famous Hand of God goal. They all talk about it, but none of them show it. I’ve searched for it on p2p’s, found a kickass ManUtd vs Arsenal game, but no Hand of God clip.

Finally, YouTube comes to my rescue. Just push play:

Do see this YouTube link, if only to read the highly intellectual discussion on the England-Argentina rivalry. Samples:

TurkeyPhil: nanino your a sausage we have soviergnty over the falklands because we have a decent army and once owned near enough 3 quarters of the world plus maradonna smoke more grass then he played on! eat that bitch

gorduto: TurkeyPhil, please keep crying about the two most beautiful goals in the history of soccer.And you owned three quarters, yes; but today you are just a piece of stinky shit.Kiss my ass you son of a damned Queen

Very interesting. Anyway, just for the record – I don’t support either of these views.

And, one of my favourite Football commercials:

As the commentator says at the end – This is just not Beckham’s day.

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