Half time musings

Germany look as if they’re afraid to give Argentina any space to move forward, and playing as negative as they are, not taking many risks with tackles, they’re allowing Argentina to dictate terms and control around 80% of the pitch. Tevez and Riquelme are particularly impressive and Sorin is getting in some impressive pushes in.

The way it’s going, it seems that a goal is going to come either from an Argentinian foot or a German head (from a set-piece)…. Which is unfortunate because the way Argentina is controlling the game, one would love to see more of them in this World Cup. I also loved the way some of the Argentinian players are dribbling with the ball at the German defense – that’s the part of this game I love most, and it’s something we’ve seen very very little of in most matches.

Now rooting for Argentina, and waiting for things to get Messi.

btw- is anybody watching the Cricket or the Tennis.

Update: Since Argentina’s goal unexpectedly came off Ayala’s head, maybe the German goal will come off a foot.

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