Google gets dirrrrrty

Read this and this.

If you come across anything similar, lemme know and I’ll post it here. Mail the image to nixxin at gmail dot com.

Some Google Earth posts:

1. Why the SPA (School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi) building is referred to as W.C.[related post]
2. Swastika at JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi)
3. Spot the Black Helicopter: The Register does airfields and military bases

Some thought seems to have gone into the design of the JNU building. I can only hope that the SPA design wasn’t as symbolic.


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  1. Ouch..i studied in a WC? ouch.

    I was asked that question during ragging time. Had no clue.
    No senior told me and disillusioned me from the great SPA dream then.

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