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In case you don’t face connectivity issues and have no problems being connected 24×7, you might like to give Google Calendar a shot. I like it a lot more than MS Outlook because it is, typical of Google – quick, doesn’t overload the PC, is easy to use and has great additional functions. You can take a tour here, and login with your Gmail account. Reminders can also be mailed to your email account, as well as popup alerts. I think Indiatimes also had something similar to Google Calendar, but I never really used their email services extensively.

Once you sign up, a little section is added to your Gmail interface that allows you to access your Calendar from Gmail:

Very useful little addon, that, additonally working as a reminder. I’ve stopped using Google Reader because I just didn’t remember to access it. It would help if Google would allow us to customise this section. Oh, and it gets added to Gmail with half an hour of activation of Google Calendar.

Also, Manas Tungare (Drummy, you might remember him from the time we were both trying to design the alt.FLS forum) has an excellent Google Desktop addon called Goocal, which downloads your Google Calendar events (to do, reminders etc) on to Google Desktop.

Like I’ve said before, while they’re really making things much easier for us, it’s kinda scary the way Google has a slice of a lot that we do on the web and our PC. Take a look at their product list and the things under development. Of course, they have the capacity to buy out every new little innovation that comes along, and they make it free and sometimes improve the product.

Still, there are products from Google that don’t really impress much; specifically – Google Finance has been a major disappointment, and seems to have occupied a tier three level of importance since it really hasn’t changed over the past couple of months. Will review it later.

Has anyone tried the new Yahoo! Mail Beta? I’m still waiting for my chance, even though I don’t like to and don’t really use my Yahoo! Mail and most Yahoo! services.

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