Funny Pic Meme

Me, me, was tagged by the Smitten Kitten, and I have to post a funny pic of myself. But it’s not as funny as the pic of her dancing. :))

A year ago, I was at a get-together at Deepan &Priya’s place and had brought along my digicam (which is working erratically now) to show to Harneet. He told me about a concept of an “Anti-portrait”, and hence the attempt at a devilish, evil grin. Okay, not exactly an anti-portrait for those of you who bear the brunt of my jokes/pranks, but I do look silly in the above pic…which, thankfully, is blurred and dark, despite Harneet’s mastery over photography. Now it’s your turn:

I hereby tag – Aishwarya, Adi, Jay, Shyam, Ken , Shreya, Acrosticbard, Harneet and YOU if you’re reading this. (double tag, if you’re already in the list; triple if you read it again – Mwhahahaha)

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  1. I don’t remember being photographed while bargaining with ONE shoe-seller in Jaipur. About it being my regular expression, well, this one time, I was making a face at my sister and the wind blew the wrong way and it’s almost a default expression (NOT!)

  2. christ whats w all these tags! i refuse! i shall not be subjected to this torture without full and knowing consent!

    youre tagged btw.

    grah. dont ask.

    my head hurts.

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