Free Passes For Jazz Utsav 2007

One for todays show – the event starts in an hour. Another, probably available tomorrow afternoon if I’m not better. What a time to catch a chill…so much to be done…gah!

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  1. I went on the last day!

    Saw Kryzstof Herzin trio (Poland), Martin Dahanukar with the Louis Banks trio and Cafe Du Sport (Germany).

    The last act was awesome, great bassist and saxophonist. Louis Banks Trio’s bassist was good too, as was Dahanukar on the trumpet.

  2. I missed the first day…was unwell. Didn’t think much of the Kryzstof Herzin Trio…Jake Fryer& the London Be Bop Collective were brilliant.

    Y’know…two years now, and no one’s done a bass solo like Hellborg.

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