Frazz: Calvin grows up?

I’m addicted: Frazz

Found this (from Wiki) interesting:

Bryson Elementary is named after one of his favorite authors, Bill Bryson.


Caulfield — An eight-year-old named after J.D. Salinger‘s attitudinal protagonist, Caulfield is a handful. He is a genius, but hates school because it fails to challenge him. He spends a lot of time in detention for speaking out in class, but whiles away the hours discussing books or logic with Frazz. His fresh perspective on the world brings interesting, often startling revelations to the comic.

The resemblance, I suppose, is a tribute to Watterson. Or Calvin. Can you spot any other…erm..tribute? The list of recurring characters is here.

Thanks Ankit, for blogging about this.

This and THIS(!)

Update (Jan ’06): All links are dead. Go here for the latest Frazz comics.


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