…is the number of strangers who’ve told me in the last three days that they’ve seen me before. And my face isn’t even up on hoardings (yet :P). Do I have a look-alike?

The same had happened at Jebbit‘s book launch at The Corner Bookstore in CP, where someone from Indian Ocean had said the same thing.

Oh, and bye the bye, I tried out for some Radio Mirchi RJ competition. What irritated me most was the SMS type English written on the page, and the switching between Hindi and English. Unfortunately they didn’t allow me to write my own script. Okay, I don’t mind reading out Hindi, but at least write the English properly. Even some of the Hindi was written using the latin script.

So, script in hand, I stood behind the mic in the telephone-booth like booth and read out one of the eight scripts to choose from. My stupid friends tried putting me off by tapping on the glass pane and making faces. It was fun for all, particularly since I was quite drunk and was possibly slurring. ūüėÄ

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  1. You never know! They might actually choose you. And then, you will have to drink everytime before you go to work! How cool is that?

    BTW, those “have seen you earlier” guys usually turn out to be Amway army. At least, thats what happened to me in Bangalore twice.

  2. Oh from what I’ve heard, there used to be places like that. To be specific, the vindia office before the revamp. A friend used to work there.

    Not the Amway lot in my case. I’d have told ’em to f’off if they were. Unfortunately, no hot women have claimed to recognise me.

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