Flight Out

Things change. We change things.Things change us.

7 minutes to go.

“Blue? Is that star blue?”

I looked up, first at her, then along her arm, up to the tip of her index finger, then at the little blue star, blinking in the sky.

“It’s probably an aeroplane”

The little speck in the sky sparkled blue. It was warming up.

It was a warm summer night, and hot embers of gases sparkled like little crystals in the black velvet of the clear sky.

“Purple; it’s all purple now.”

“It’s probably an aeroplane” I repeated.

“Then how come it isn’t moving?” The twinkle in her eye was followed by a seductive little smile.

6 minutes left.

We were a mere 5 miles from town. We’d met at a pub an hour ago. A couple of drinks later, we decided to head out.

“How many drinks did you have before we met?” I teased. She laughed, turned towards me and winked. Then, she got up and ran. I ran after her.

3 minutes were left when, tired, she fell down.

An open field of dry grass and insects buzzing around isn’t exactly the most romantic setting for a date… but romance wasn’t what I was looking for. Ditto with her, I suppose.

3 minutes isn’t much when you haven’t got much. But she didn’t know that.

On her back, on the grass, she saw red. She pushed me aside and pointed to the sky.

“It’s RED.” She screamed.”I told you it in’t a star.”

“I know. It’s time,” I said, as she vanished the next second. The grass where she lay glowed red before it disintegrated. I got up, put my clothes on and started walking towards my car.

That’s my quota for this month.

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