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Usually during exams, I tend to pick up one single album and listen to it over and over again. It’s a habit I’ve developed because subconsciously, I probably find focusing on a single task (usually studying) extremely difficult and even the slightest noise can distract me: the flapping of curtains, the murmur of voices at a distance, footsteps in the passage, flapping of the pages of the newspaper kept somewhere in the room…I get distracted very easily.

Here’s a list of albums that have been heard over and over again during exam times:

1. Third Eye Blind – Third Eye Blind
2. Garbage – Garbage
3. Garbage – V 2.0
4. The Offspring – Americana
5. Nativity in Black – Various Artists
6. International Superhits – Green Day
7. American Idiot – Green Day
8. Supernatural – Santana
9. Alanis Morrissette – Jagged Little Pill
10. Aerosmith – Big Ones
11. Anathema – Alternative 4
12. Nirvana – Nevermind
13. Rage Against the Machine – Renegades
14. The Prodigy – The Fat of the Land
15. Blur – Best Of
16. Bob Dylan – Best Of
17. The Presidents of the USA – The Presidents of the USA
18. Chemical Brothers – Surrender
19. The Wallflowers – Bringing down the horse
20. Ugly Kid Joe – America’s Least Wanted
21. Marilyn Manson – The Last Tour on Earth
22. Nickelback – Silver Side Up
23. Oasis – What’s the Story, Morning Glory
24. Nirvana – Unplugged in New York
25. Dire Straits – The Sultans of Swing
26. Diswalla – Pet Your Friends
28. Iron Maiden – Best of the Beast
29. Led Zeppelin – IV
30. Lenny Kravitz – 5
31. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Californication
32. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers – By The Way

I guess that’s a lot of exams, over the years, counting both theory and practicals; not too good for someone who suffers from major pre-exam stress. Most albums were heard in a reading room on the fourth floor, that used to be left open 24×7 for students who wanted to study. We practically lived there during exam time, sprawled on desks, or pacing about the floor book in hand; going back to the room only for food or a quick nap or shower. I remember walking to an exam listening to Lithium by Nirvana. What’s surprising is that I still have all of these cassettes. Oh, and this isn’t a complete list.

Anyway, my current selection is International Superhits by Green Day. No albums, of late, have really met the cut. And System of a Down is a little too distracting, as is classical music.

Any suggestions?

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  1. nothing can beat ‘bloodsugarsexmagic’ when it comes to rhcp albums. it’s one of the best album of the 90’s too.

    sample supergrass(if you have not). the most underrated brit-pop band(but as good as any).

    try and capture the band through complete albums. somehow i do not subscribe to ‘best of’ compilations.

  2. Oh I have bloodsugarsexmagic but it’s never been an exam-time album. For exams, I like best-of’s and albums in which I like each and every single song. From the above list, Lenny Kravitz’ 5 is the only one that I don’t really like anymore.

    For regular listening, I listen to complete albums, and even discographies. Best of’s are great for exams since the not-so-good songs in regular albums sometimes put me off.

    Any particular supergrass album, if the entire album is good?

  3. Hi, check out this band called Vertigo. I think its this band I was talking about in my previous comment. That song called “Do you believe in God”. I have heard just that one song of theirs, being played in a local Pune pub.


    Anyway, I could not listen to anything during my exams. It was any good rock band when I was not studying. During breaks, I would listen to Pink Floyd, or Dire Straits and also Bryan Adams and Savage Garden.

  4. During my exams I listened to a lot of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, my one precious Einsturzende Neubauten album, Jeff Buckley (sketches for my sweetheart the drunk, live at sin-e and live a l’olympique..I cannot listen to Grace and study), Dresden Dolls, The Beatles, and Bach. I don’t listen to a lot ofr different music during exams, I play the same albums over and over again. It’s comforting.

  5. whitelight: thanks. Will try.

    In the shadows: Hmm…it says that they’re recording their EP, so I guess I can only hear them live if they come down to Delhi… which is likely because over the next couple of months, Delhi is going to ROCK. DU exams are over and there are two gigs this week, and several more planned for the next few. And I have exams.

    Aishwarya – yes, listening to the same album over and over again is comforting. I’ve been listening to the new INXS album Switch (with JD Fortune) all day. Thats why I think I’ll listen to supergrass during a break, cause new music is distracting. Oh, and there’s a Blues gig at Haze tomorrow. I desperately want to go, but can’t. Have never heard Lou Majaw, and really really want to. *grumbles*

  6. Well, I owe you for helping me avoid the Paricrummy one you did go to! I’m sure there’ll be several gigs in the next three months, and Doing Delhi will be updated with a vengance.

    Don’t know if it’s your type of music, but there’s also an Air Supply concert in Gurgaon on the 11th which I wouldn’t go to even if I was being paid to go.

    But but but I do really want to go for the Haze gig tomorrow – haven’t heard HFT (High Fucking Time, incidentally) and Lou Majaw.
    Should tell the Jaibberwock about the Blues fest, since Lou might sing some Dylan.

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