is the word that came to mind when I read a post about the Sanjay Dutt verdict at Mutiny.in – do read it here. Of course, one doesn’t know the extent of Dutt’s involvement, and the focus has always been on playing that down, and showcasing Dutt as naive (update: a naive 35yr old who bought guns from the mafia, attended parties thrown by criminals?). Well, as lawyers put it – ignorance of the law is no excuse. It could (should?) have been worse for Dutt, but his PR campaign after his first jail sentence was managed well, and the two goodie-two-shoes movies have of course helped influence idgits like the one who says:

“one has already spent 16 months in jail..and soemthing which is a fact is that the man has been behavin weel in the past 13 years,,den what purpose is actually solved by sentencing such a person again for loong 6 years ????”

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  1. Any person who spells the word “then” as “den” while posting on the internet (as opposed to chat or SMS) is not very high on my list of opinions-I-care about.

    Elitist bastard I may just be.

  2. well, I think dutt got a raw deal. He could easily have been sitting abroad and made mockery of our judiciary!!! like the way Mr.Nadeem has been doing it for years. His fault: he kept a gun and attended parties thrown by Mafia… But won’t u do the same if the price of refusal could be your head.

    I don’t have any problem with his sentence except one, if Alstair Parera(not so sure about the spelling) can walk out with his head held high and serving 6 months after killing 7 people then Dutt crime is way too less. If Mr. Shibu Soren can attend parties even after being convicted of “Murder” then Dutt di get a raw deal.

    It is high time that the judiciary takes note of those who abuse his power!!!

  3. Falcon, so should he have been shown leniency just because he didn’t flee? How do we know if the price of refusing to attend those parties was his head? Even if it was, being a public figure and a politicians son, he could have sought security — surely, he could afford it himself.

    Another problem with this case has been the level of detail in the reporting. Representatives of the police have told the media that they discovered grenades and assault rifles. Media reports have been kinder – they’ve aggregated “grenades and assault rifles” as “guns” or “a gun”, hence influencing your perception.

    About Alastair Pereira – he was let off for lack of evidence and witnesses turning hostile…anyway, that case is being reopened.

    I think your reasoning (raw deal in comparison) is fallacious – just because there are those who got away, doesn’t mean that others should be let off easy, albeit for lesser crimes.

  4. FYI I am not defending Mr. Dutt. All I am pointing is that Mr. Dutt has shown enough respect for the law and has done several actions
    which shows he is no more a reckless man
    he used to be. plz his munna bhai movies
    are NOT among them.

    he could have given a LIGHTER TERM may be
    1 or 2 years less. As for your information
    Our MP Mr. govinda has also performed at those functions.

    The point is he did a crime and he should
    be punished for that but lets not be
    downright cruel!!!

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