Everybody’s crazy in their own way

If you’ve stayed in a hostel, you know what I mean.
Anyway, the latest crazy story (the last was Aishwarya eating chocolate ice cream with pineapple toppings) is about my sister.

She woke up at 5:00am today, got ready in half an hour (a new record), and walked out on to the street at 5:30am to look for an auto. There was no one there. She asked the guard to go look for an auto. None. She panicked. Got back home, and woke up dad (didn’t dare to wake me up for something like this). Dad asked her to wait for a few hours. Now she’s older than me, and she threw a tantrum.

So at 5:45am, dad got up, and drove her to the Statesman Building, where she got her Harry Potter book. As we speak, she’s sleeping with it under her pillow. (I think I’ll hide it)

First thing dad says to me when I got up today: “You know you’re sister’s got a crazy streak?”

“Huh? I’ve know that for 26 years!”

Update: I assumed she’s asleep. Apparently, she went to office after buying the book at 6ish. Crazier than I thought. So since I couldn’t hide the Potter book, as a consolation, I hid my mum’s cellphone.

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  1. I, however, woke at 5:45, got picked up at a shady petrol pump by a friend, got the book at 6:45, finished it at about 1 pm.

    Why spread these icecream lies when the truth about me is so much more pathetic? 😉

  2. landmark was open at six in the morning? insane, man. also, how are you doing with all that stuff you carted away from my place? done with the simpsons book? done with the nick hornbys on football? how are you finding them?

  3. Adi: I’m a bit of a prankster. 😀 Was going to hide the harry potter book, but since it wasn’t there, hid moms cellphone.

    Shekhar: Oxford, I think. Apparently most bookshops were open at that time. Speaking of crazy things – do you know rafat spent eight hours in line to buy a cellphone, when he could have gone and bought it in two minutes the next day (that particular shop didn’t sell out). And he and staci blogged about it live while waiting.

    About the books – nope, not finished the Simpsons. After getting back from Bombay, got into the old routine. However, am taking the rest of the week off starting tomorrow – to watch 5 films a day (that’s the average over the last two days) at Cinefan. 🙂
    How’re things with you?

  4. Nikhil: If J is crazy, consider the 5 mile long queues in London to get the book at midnight! I think that queuing for iPhone – your boss may be an exception as he writes on tech but then again Apple should have sent him one – is rather sad. In many ways –

    people defining themselves with the latest in electronic gadgetry; iPhone is the new Porsche, or some such exercise in triviality and Freudian compensation

    ever wonder where all the cellphones go when they die? yes in a landfill!

    people with gadgets to talk into but nobody to talk to

    people with more chargers than books

    people with a fear of the sound of silence..

  5. people with gadgets to talk into but nobody to talk to
    people with more chargers than books
    people with a fear of the sound of silence..

    Wow, Nikhil. I never realised your writing could move people.

  6. Harneet, it isn’t his writing; it is my extrapolation of the phenomenon of queuing up for mobile phones 🙂

    Have you never wondered why suddenly everyone has the need to block urban noise or even fill their ears with music? My hypothesis is that these people are scared of the emptiness of what lies between those ears, they are afraid the questions that silence raises and the answers to which are even more mundane details than the songs in their ears.. hence the iPod. (I have one too to block precisely those kinds of thinking moments!)

  7. Harneet: there was a time when my writing moved people. never made them dance, though. O-)

    Shefaly: “people with a fear of the sound of silence” That’s true of many people I see today. How many people just sit down on their own and think? And this is true of me too — one just itches to reach for the cellphone to make that call. I don’t fear the silence, but I just don’t know what to think sometimes…apart from when it comes to the industry i cover, where I’m constantly debating trends and possibilities. At Cinefan, where there’s no tech to think about (am avoiding it in fact), I’m carrying a notepad, so that helps. The phone is in the car.

  8. Nikhil: Sometimes those moments are serendipitous… In our new neighbourhood, mobile signal for my network operator is very unreliable. Their reason is – you are in a valley!

    The upside? When I do want to ring someone, I see no bars on my mobile and give up. The complicated ‘system’ I run with a landline, a mobile and a VoIP phone, combined with a duplex house (and handsets inevitably on the wrong floor), there is plenty to consider and mostly I find that call is not essential after all.

    Oh, and plenty of time for quiet reflection too. After the buzz of Edi, it is so quiet here, save for birds twittering occasionally, that sometimes I switch the radio on to break the silence.. 🙂

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