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so, like I’d mentioned earlier, I intend to go for a lot more events this year (and finish work by 6:30ish every evening). Since I’ve been out of the events loop for a while now, please do CC/forward me any event related mails/invites (Jai: if you’re reading this, please do send the habitat newsletter). So far:

National School of Drama Theatre Fest
3rd-20th Jan
Venue: Kamani Auditorium, Sri Ram Center, Siri Fort Auditorium, LTG
Schedule: (warning: heavy flash page…ugh)

There’s also a rock fest on – Yamaha Roxx on 12th and 13th at the Auto Expo, and a whole bunch of gigs sponsored by Jack Daniels in Delhi (see

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  1. Monthly issues of magazines like Timeout Mumbai/Delhi have an exhuastive list of events happening in the city. Plus is a decently updated.

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