Eating Out In Delhi: Parsi Food!

Just got back from a full-filling meal at Parsi Anjuman, a parsi guest house on Bahadurshah Zafar Marg. Had dhansak, excellent apricot chicken and something that was similar to biryani. I’ve forgotten what the sweet dish is called, but that and the apricot chicken were brilliant. I’d write more about the food, but I’d rather let the experts do that.
I’d gone for the meal with the Eating Out in Delhi group…my fourth ever meal with them. They meet up for interesting meals – particularly street food – and conversation quite often…but it’s mostly at a day or two’s notice, which is far too short a time-frame for me. If you’re in Delhi, it’s a good group to be a part of.
Yikes…I forgot to say “Till we eat (together) again” while leaving.

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  1. What a fabulous idea this eating group is! Way more interesting than a book club, I say 🙂

    So did the screenshots of social networking sites get replaced by dhansak last night?

  2. no screenshots of social nets, of late. things are rather slow. 🙂

    the eating group’s been around for a while. hmm…let’s see: I’ve been part of this eating group, a bloggers group, a writers group. now we’re creating a world cinema group…and maybe an online media group.

  3. Nix: I envy you. I am these days in a group of one, called thesis-writing-solo-effort! 🙁 Once it is over, I will discover more in London.

    But your writers’ group is fascinating. Any online presence? Do you have virtual members? 🙂

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