Dream On

I honestly have nothing better to post. Unless, of course, you want to know about the usage of power, politics and influence in the Reliance split, or about Whirlpool’s acquisition of Maytag, the impact of the Asian Financial Crisis on Daewoo, Westside’s business plan, BSNL’s business plan, how Eureka Forbes conducts its direct marketing, or how difficult it is to get a campus placement just because you’re just a graduate. So, I’ll just post a few songs for you to perhaps check out.

This is a list that’s been on my mind for some time now, songs adding themselves to it, one by one. Not too heavy, not too light. A little dreamy, perhaps surreal, not just because of the lyrics, but also the imagery that the music sometimes creates (go figure). Feel free to suggest songs that I might add to this list.

The Dream On Playlist

1. Come Undone – Duran Duran
2. Dream On – Depeche Mode
3. Let Forever Be – The Chemical Brothers
4. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt.1 – The Flaming Lips
5. Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor
6. Semi Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind
7. Road Trippin – The Red Hot Chilli Peppers
8. Wonderwall – Oasis

I’m not quite sure whether Wonderwall should be in this list or not. Perhaps Champaigne Supernova would be better. What do you think?

I gotta get back to my dae-woes.


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  1. champagne supernova fits this list better..

    massive attack – teardrop

    damn.. what’s with you and lists?
    ..and what’s with me and contributing to them!?!?!!!

  2. Oh, I make lists when I don’t really have much else to post about. Or not much time to think about posts ūüėÄ

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