Domain Name search sites or cybersquatting?

It seems that there’s a difference between domain name search sites and cybersquatting. Y’know…the kind of sites with lots of links for popular keywords on its page, and seem mostly like typos? I always thought they were squatters. But apparently it’s a business, and there are some big names getting into this business. “It (NameMedia) now employs some 75 people, and owns 650,000 domain names.’ More:

Now these companies are different from cybersquatters. They only own generic names like (a generic name) as opposed to (a trademark domain name). But these generic domain names can be highly valuable. Recently, was sold for $7.5 million.

So, there are companies with domain name portfolios, and domain names are being traded at an exchange. Crazy. Sahad has more details at ContentSutra, here. He’s going to discuss the Indian scene tomorrow…looking forward to it.

(note: I write for ContentSutra too, but this isn’t a plug. I just thought I’d share it with both of you. There’s just two of you, right?)

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