Delhi Bloggers Group: Options that didn’t quite make it

People from the the Delhi Bloggers Group met a couple of weeks ago at CCD. Not everyone made it over, and someone decided to put up a poll, asking why others couldn’t make it over. The idea, it seems, is to schedule the next meet at a time and place such that everyone can make it over. Here are some options that didn’t quite make the cut:

Poll options that didn’t quite make it:

1. My dog ate my email printouts.
2. I ran out of deoderant.
3. My deoderant ran out on me and I stil haven’t gotten over that.
4. I stopped by outside Palika Bazaar to ask for directions on how to get to CP from Rajiv Chowk, and no one could help me out with that.
5. I thought Harneet was going to bring his dog Ponky along, and I have this crippling fear of wagging tails.
6. My barber gave me a freaky haircut, and I didn’t want to embarass myself
7. I had a cyberdate on chat with someone else on the Delhi Bloggers list, so both of us couldn’t make it.
8. I’m obsessive about being punctual, and I’d rather not go at all than be a minute late. Damn parking guys outside CCD took ages. Let’s synchronise all our watches so this doesn’t happen again, shall we?
9. I say, I still can’t find my DBM uniform! There is a DBM uniform, right?
10. But there is no Connaught Place in Dilli. OH! You meant Delhi? And here I’d booked a flight for East Timor.
13. Isn’t this, erm, an ONLINE group?
14. The sun was out that day, and if I step out into the sun- Poof. That’ll be the end of me.
15. No one gave me a powerpoint presentation on what to expect.
16. A blogger meet without a certain someone (wink, wink), isn’t really a blogger meet.
17. I ran out of gas, and had to eat something really spicy.
18. My Sify “Broadband” (Ha!) “Unlimited” (Ha ha ha!) connection has been down for two weeks, and I was told to expect a call from the technical team, so I was waiting for them.
19. What’s a blogger?
20. Red Bull gave me wings, and I had to try ’em out
21. I took a metro over to CP for the first time. I liked it so much that I bought a smart card and tried every single route that evening.
22. You have to try this strategy game called Commando’s out. I totally lost track of time.
23. You mean to say you guys were having a Bloggers meet while the alien invasion from evil neighbours next door was on at my place? Can nobody save us from this scrouge?
24. I sprained my neck headbanging the night before. All I could do was look at my feet all the time. Or the TV, if lay back and put my feet up.
25. So, like, y’know, there’s this really really huge wasp with a foot long stinging thing that guards the exit to my house.
26. And so, like, y’know, if I’d gone out of my room it would have stung me.Y’know, so, like, that’s why I couldnt come.
27. I heard a rumour that a certain Nikhil Parekh was holding a poetry reading session somewhere in CP. And I didn’t want to risk it being in the same place.
28. I was busy calculating the 17th root of Pi up to 1717 decimal places
29. I heard Nikhil Pahwa was coming for the meet, and was afraid he’d make life hell for me with all that teasing.

Your turn. Where’s the scouting Finch, incidentally?


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  1. Heh he… good one 🙂 I just noticed that I am on your blogroll as “One thousand Three hundred and..”


  2. *Raises hand*
    Present saar!

    I missed DBM.
    Err.. I’m not in D, so screw making it to a BM.

    See? that’s a start! 😀

    Scouting days were numbered, thanks to lousy ISP. well.. now, they’re not so much under threat!

  3. Aye, Drummy. I couldn’t think of any number as apt. 😛

    Scout – Days online are numbered here as well. Again – very lousy ISP. I made a lot of noise about the connection, and things are *hopefully* not going to be as bad.

    I think sometimes needs practice for blogging, especially if you’re the type who doesn’t want to blog about personal stuff. Frankly, I don’t know what to blog now! Hmm…

  4. Vie (yes, pun there) the aloof-ity (sic.)?

    Strangely, it’s the non-personal stuff that’s really interesting.

    I applaud you. You’re among the few bloggers who don’t visibly use their blog as an ego-booster. It takes tremendous effort to stay that far away from the blog.

    Sigh. I want aloofity too.

    But honestly, to each his own. I could never write well that far away from myself. Call it a self-glorification exercise, but really, everything I write always has some element of me.

    Sigh. Now I’m feeling ungifted-er than usual.

    ALL your fault I say!

  5. muhahahha bitchonaut. why didn’t you tell me about this? oh wait you did! anyway now that i’ve found it i shall frequently scorn and ridicule all that you post :p – Ravi

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