Deconstructing deconstruction of structuralism

The Rhymebawd makes the mistake of introducing us to Structuralism and Deconstruction theories, early in the morning. Morningtime is when our thought process lacks structure, and thinks of crazy things. By mid-day, we’re usually ramming logic into everybodys head.

Because he said so, we asked ourselves if we look for meaning like he quoted, and I quote too because that, supposedly, is what we should be doing before we tear a theory apart:

Somebody says, “I sat on a chair” and your brain goes – “chair” is not “tree”, “chair” is not “dog”, “chair” is not “daddy”,”chair” is not a million other things, therefore “chair” is “chair”. Phew! And then you say, “So? Big deal”, and send their brain into a flurry.

We agree: We don’t think this theory holds water. Or even air. And if anyone asks you to prove it, you may quote us when we say:

What if you’re talking about sitting on the ‘Stool’. The brain does not go – ‘Stool’ is not ‘dog’. It’s not ‘blueberry cheesecake’, it’s not ‘shit’. Oh wait! It can be ‘shit’. Now what do I do? Shall I keep sitting on the stool, or get up?

So, feeling very intelligent right now, we shall end this post with a long-pointy-nose-up-in-the-air type of statement that says I’m much more intelligent than you lowly, miserable nincompoops in just two words; a statement that a certain Puck used to irritate us with. Here goes:

So, there.


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  1. LOL@ “So there.”

    I find mornings to be the best time to work. I just wrote a blog post that I am rather fond of, right this morning, about an hour ago.

  2. Umm soo, doesent your thinking again break into options about how does stool look? Say for example the physical characteristics?? I might be wrong, just trying to be the Devil’s advocate here 😉

  3. S: I find morning the only time to post. Eveningtime, I’m just too drained with all this shitty politics to deal with. Seriously, what to say when, how and to whom is driving me nuts. Somebody’s going to get some serious straight talk today; I’m in that ‘cut you down to size’ kind of mood.

    Drummy: Dude! I don’t think like that! Maybe you do, y’know, think about the viscosity what you’re sitting on, and what it doesn’t smell like. I don’t.

    The Rhymebawd: I’ve just elevated you to an altogether different level. You’re no longer just rhymebawd, but The Rhymebawd. Do you mind? I was a pretty nose, y’know. Dangerous, if she pecked with it, but pretty. 😉

  4. LOL.

    I’m a night animal, and I do most of my writing and posting between midnight and three am.

    In the morning, I’m usually all “Wha’ was tha’?”

    My response to “We’ve just started a nuclear war,” would be, “Wake me up in five minutes.”

  5. you forgot most important part of day, and this happens to co-incide with surfing time of the non-corporate-slave-wasting-employer-resources populace.


    and that’s when us lowly mortals prove that the upstairs is one scary, long, dark, abandoned hallway.

    hah. i’m the greatest of all gaulish peoples. (don’t you just love Asterix in Belgium?)

    so there.
    patents blatantly violated.

    oh, well, happy birthday.

  6. I’m not much of a day person. It’s either late night or early morning that work for me. Something to do with noise, I think. There’s just very little white noise at night. Also, very little judgement, since you’re probably already tired.

    Yeah, I came up with my own theory of the universe.

    (Happy Birthday?)

    Incidentally, I think I should clarify that I did not love Asterix in Belgium. I’ve never met the chappie. 😛

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