Darya Ganj, again.

Initially, I had apprehensions about going to Darya Ganj today. With the Delhi Half-Marathon passing by Ambedkar Stadium, there was a possibility that the market would be shut. Fortunately, that was not the case. After a crazy and late night, I spent the morning co-ordinating both the trip to Darya Ganj and passes for the concert at Mirage, tonight. At the end of it, only Jai and I were able to make it to Darya Ganj. Some were supposedly running the marathon. (Really?) Others were bogged down by work and car repairs. Well, I had a great time looking through books, though it was becoming inordinately hot. Jai seemed to have enjoyed the browsing too. We talked primarily about writers, writing and books. Surprisingly, not about Cricket. My purchases:

Isaac Asimov: Foundation and the Empire and Foundation’s Edge
J.D. Salinger: None Stories
Hemingway: The Wild Years (73 articles by Hemingway)
Bohumi Hrabal: The Death of Mr. Baltisberger, and
Woody Allen: Side Effects

So, I didn’t buy 20. *grin*

I’ve noticed that my posts have now become boring. In order to put an end to all this sense, I’m hereby requesting you to ask me questions on the lines of ‘why did the chicken cross the goat?’ and ‘If you make hay while the sun shines, what do you do when it rains?’.


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  1. Just 5? What has happened to you, boy? “Nine Stories” is just luuurvely. Would’ve loved to get my hands on those Hemingway articles too.

    Keep a lookout for Ander Morson’s “Other Electricities” whenever you go wherever for books. We wants 🙂


    We have no idea if she (Keya) wants this known to a wider audience, but she’s hasn’t stopped. Just moved to flickingash.blogspot.com …

    (Btw, 150 pages. We’re in danger of starting to feel happy.)

  2. I kept thinking about all that’s already queued up, and my reading block. But I suppose this isn’t the time to talk about blocks. 😀

    And have you seen the list of books that I have to read for the eggjams? We maxed Pop Fiction. Had been a little worried because we’d quoted Philip K. Dick, mentioned movies like “I, Robot” and “AI”, and a couple of Star Trek and Star War comments in the question on Sci Fi. Random quotes and mentions of movies elsewhere too. You’d said, na, that that’s fraught with risk. Was in good form then. Now, I’m edging everything.

    I guess she (Keya) has just changed the name of the blog, thassal. It’s listed in her profile, so it isn’t “private”. And I’m supposed to be the information bureau. Ha!

  3. would you believe over-zealous Shiv Sainiks kidnapped me from JLN just before the marathon began?


    ok, I lied was lazy and was sleeping my sunday through.

  4. Would you believe that I’m more likely to believe the Shiv Sainiks story?


    Just got your message. I had forgotten too. Phone had been on silent mode since morn.

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