Dark Room II: New Toys

Through the curtains, Alka had seen Aman push himself off the bed, lit partially by the street lighting from outside the window. As he stepped into darkness, Alka heard his footsteps close in on her. She bent her knees and squatted down, hoping that in the darkness, Aman would miss her.

“I spy Alka” said Aman, pulling the curtains from around her. He paused, momentarily, before he realised that she was squatting down. As he bent down to touch her on the back, Alka darted up around him, but it was too late. Before her hand could touch his back, his arm came down on her back. “I spy Alka”, he repeated.

Alka would have to go first tomorrow.

Note: *sigh of relief* PC crashed. Another advantage of blogger revealed – Recover post. Unfortunately, the break was off-putting and I’ll have to get into the right mood. Later. *Phew*


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