Coo! My connection’s back up again.

I’ve registered over 12 complaints with Sify Broadband this past month. One of these complaints has been updated on 5-6 other occasions, so that’s how bad things are. Just a few minutes ago, my connection became operationational again after around 12 hours of being down.

An update on Ankur Raheja’s legal battle with Sify Broadband is perhaps indicative of the inadequacy of our legal system. The consumer court says that it is not in their jurisdiction to decide a consumer case.:S

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In the meantime, Sify Broadband has been asking me, since 14th July, to bear with them while they decide whether or not to give me additional days of usage after their connection was down for an equivalent of eight days this month. I don’t know if it was more cause I was eithe sleeping or not at home. All I know is, when I get back home, the connection is usually down.


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