Comrade Nikhil and the Sixth Pay Commission

Comrade Nikhil just heard that trade unions across India are demanding an increase in their fixed income. Has their variable income declined, comrade?

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  1. just wanted you to know – I really love the new ‘look and feel’ to your blog – very classy!

    ummm….you can choose that to read as ‘classless’ too if thats where you leanings be!


  2. anonymous: noted, sir, for future reference. 🙂

    Smits: Thank You. Comments have dried up since I changed the template. Even though I love how it looks (and don’t intend to change it), I was wondering if it is off-putting. Or maybe my posts become boring.

    However, we must and will – ramble on. O-)

  3. See what Justice has proposed for people like him and his clan. This just goes on to prove that the commission is more interested in their own welfare and their own clan. He has recommended a salary morer than the president of India!!!! to people like him serving in various bodies. The extract of Pay commission recommendation” Salary – The pay and allowances of Members of these regulatory bodies should be de-linked from Government salaries and those appointed as Members through the revised process should be paid a consolidated salary of Rs.1,50,000 p.m., while the
    Chairperson may be paid Rs.2,00,000 p.m. in case a car and house are provided. In case no car and house is
    given, the Chairperson should be paid a consolidated
    salary of Rs.3,00,000 p.m. and Members Rs.2,50,000. The
    proposed salary is considered adequate for attracting
    experts in the field, who, in the Commission’s view are
    not looking just at the monetary compensation, but also
    at the prestige involved in and the contribution which
    can be made by a regulator in the development of the
    sector and the economy as a whole. The rates of the
    consolidated salary may be taken up for revision
    periodically by the Government so as to neutralize the
    effect of inflation.”

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