Clapping for Red


1. Footballers don’t watch football matches, listen to news related to football, read sports news in newspapers and also don’t discuss incidents during games off the pitch. Or,
2. They’re dumb.

On the 15th of September, Wayne Rooney was sent off for sarcastically applauding referee Kim Nielson for giving him a yellow card during a Champions League match for Manchester United, against Villareal. The referee gave him another yellow, and sent him off with a red.

A couple of days later, the Real Betis coach was sent off the touchline with a red card for sarcastically applauding the referee for giving a penalty against his side. And, another player was sent off for applauding the referee, though I don’t remember which.

Yesterday, playing for Real Madrid, David Beckham applauded the referee’s decision to book him, and was sent off with a second yellow for the applause. DUH!

I came across an article with some amusing incidents while searching the net:

Paul Gascoigne, while playing for Rangers in the 7-0 rout of Hibernian in December, 1995, was jogging back towards the halfway line at a goal-kick. Spotting that rookie referee Dougie Smith had dropped his yellow card, Gascoigne picked it up, before cheekily waving it at the official – who waved it right back in his face.

…more here

Applause, anybody?


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