@Cinefan: Osian’s database, and impressions of Day 2

New year, same old problems. I walked into Siri Fort 1to watch Mizoguchi’s Sansho the Bailiff, to find someone arguing with the organizers about being allowed to take a bottle of water inside. It’s entirely random – they allow water in for some shows, not for others.

Later, when I went to buy tickets for a second time, they asked for my “registrations slip”, without which, one isn’t allowed to purchase tickets. This is a new Cinefan irritant, and they’ve brought it in to break the monotony of the usual irritants.

So, now that I’ve been covering the businesses for a year, I know what they’re trying to do. Businesses are about consumer databases, and Osian’s is collecting profile information on their visitors – name, address, email address (strangely, not phone number). Once you have a database, you monetize it. Given the thousands of people who attend this, and the general upper middle class-upper class attendees, that’s quite a useful database to have.
Anyway – I watched 5 films yesterday (will watch 5 more today): Sansho the Bailiff by Mizoguchi, Times and Winds by Reha Erdem, Days of Glory by Rachid Bouchareb, Taki no Shiraito by Mizoguchi (note: the “no” in that name is probably a recommendation) and Night Shadows by Nasser Bakhti.

Met a few friends: Udatta of CanvasM, Prashant and Jeetu, and the world famous Jai Arjun Singh (with wife) who was mobbed by fans who remembered posts that he has forgotten. (Rumor has it they’re rolling out a separate red carpet for Jai today, and putting up an entire section with printouts of some of his posts and doing a re-enactment of a Dharam-Veer song in his honour) Incidentally, there was a board carefully hidden away from regular public view that had the tagline for a movie “It’s gay, it’s crazy”. Old film, with a now politically incorrect tagline.

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