@Cinefan: Day 3, five more movies

I decided NOT sit in the front row if I intended to watch five films in the day. I did, so I didn’t.

Important to note that if you’re buying tickets, you MUST check them. I’ve had problems each time I’ve bought tickets – first time, I wasn’t given a ticket for one particular show, and the second time, I was given two tickets for a particular show, and charged extra. they returned the money, of course, but others were heard complaining about their misadventures with ticket purchases. Prashant and Jeetu had paid for tickets for The Birds, and but realized next day that they hadn’t been given those.

So, I watched the Yacoubian Building – a 160 minute, beautifully crafted film, Crossing the Dust, Desert Dream, Falafel and Vanaja. I dont think I’ll have the energy for reviews, but will try.

Today I intend to watch Rekados and Comrades in Dreams. From tomorrow onwards, am at he fest morning to night, five movies. Yay!

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