Cinefan Ahoy!

Really looking forward to the Cinefan film fest (21st – 29th). This year, films are also being screened at two PVRs – Rivoli and Plaza, so that’s tempting since they’re just a metro ride from home for me. However, most films are being screened at Siri Fort, so I’m probably just going to hang out there. If you’re there, let me know…

I was at Siri Fort for most of the 10 days last year (skipped a few to help out with the Blogger Block). I saw 4-6 films on a few days and I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone. Similar plans this year – I’ve planned my vacation in such a manner that it coincides with Cinefan, and I’m likely to be there throughout, except for a couple of days that I’ll be working during the day.
Download the schedule here (MS Excel file)
Some tips for noobs:

1. No phones allowed inside Siri Fort, unless you’re a delegate or a journalist. They might have some arrangement for keeping the phones, but the process takes quite a lot of time. I usually keep the phone in the car…this year, it’ll ensure a work-free few days for me ūüôā
2. The weekend movies are sold out the quickest, as are the Hindi films. Tickets aren’t expensive (Rs. 20 per movie last year) so quite a few people buy ’em “just in case”. That sucks, but that’s the way it is. I couldn’t get tickets for Offside last year, but found someone with an extra ticket.
3. The Indian films are the usually avoidable…and difficult to get tickets for anyway, so no problem. Arab and Asian films are usually the best, unless it’s the first film ever made in Oman (which was Bollywood-ish).

Reviews of films I’ve seen at Cinefan (i liked the ones in bold):

Time Far Past,
Paradise Now,
It Could Be You,
When Fish Fall in Love
Everlasting Regret
Cilmates (Lklimler),

The Scream of the Ants
Grain in Ear
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring

There were a couple of other Stanley Kwan films that I liked, but didn’t review. Also really like Offside as well.

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