Photos in the morning…

One of these days I’m going to buy myself one of those fancy cameras with a wide angle lens, the kind that Harneet lugs around.

Spending 20-25 minutes in the morning, clicking photographs, is a good way to start my day.

That’s my favourite mug. All black.

In bloom.


All mixedbag macros here, including some from the set above.

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Photography after a long time – macros

Went to Karims at Jama Masjid today with a few friends. One of them – Harneet – gave me some photography tips, and reminded me of macros. Can’t remember the last time I did something remotely creative; been thinking of trying my hand at painting, or trying to make something of that piece of soapstone I have. Haven’t sculpted for over six years now, and I’m sure my chisel and hammer are either lost or have been thrown away.

Photography seems to be less time consuming a hobby (which is why I switched to writing from sculpting anyway). Here are some photo sets from today:

Thums Up

(click on the image for the entire set)

So, it’s almost a done thing for us to have thums up whenever we meet, lest it’s beer. No it’s not a ‘macho’ thing that the stupid ads portray – Thums Up is the only areated drink I like, though the strange thing is that not many retailers stock it in Delhi.


(click on the image for the entire set)

After we’d eaten our fill, I got that crash course in photography, and I spent the rest of the stay at the restaurant, clicking photographs.

and after that, looking at everything from a macro (photography) perspective, until the battery ran out. The set which these belong to was clicked at CP:

(click on the images for the CP set)

In the background is the inner circle of Connought Place (I refuse to call it Rajiv Chowk (bleh)), where they’ve created a rather nice garden with an open air theatre. The camera battery ran out, so couldn’t take more.

Now everything looks like a macro. Maybe will click photos of flowers in my garden tomorrow, if I get time.

All the macros here.

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What Dilli Haat would think of what I think of Dilli Haat if Dilli Haat could think

Dilli Haat:- Bad food, open spaces, hang out, timepass, fruit beer (apple conc with soda), Maharashtrian hakka noodles, Manipuri pav bhaji, overpriced junk handicrafts.

What Dilli Haat would think of what I think of Dilli Haat if Dilli Haat could think (try saying that really fast):


Come to think of it, I would probably be better off buying a phone with a higher res camera than my Nokia 3230 with no flash and just 1.2mpx.

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Don’t call him Zulu
(Photo by Adi)

P.s.: Good gig by Zero at the garden of 5 senses. Will post about it once I get work done, and there’s no eye fatigue and related blurring.

I have four passes for a kickass gig on the 30th to give away. They’re free and were being distributed free at the Zero gig. So I’m saving you the trouble of picking them up at other gigs. Also, Helga’s Fun Castle are playing at DV8 this Friday (22nd), and they’re a fun band. RHCP kind of music. Details of september gigs @ DoingDelhi.


Dog Contemplates Life
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

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More Things That We Click

(Coming soon – Still More Things That We Click. Just kidding)

Yes, that’s a Great Dane going for a ride in an auto. Please take note that clicking this is a high precision manoeuver taken by someone (me) with five years of experience of driving in Delhi. In other words, do not try this at home (or anywhere else). There are other pics in this series, one taken from a rear view mirror, another from behind the auto, and yet another side view. These can be viewed for a small fee of $5, payable via paypal. 😛

That there is Angel, though he isn’t aptly named. He has a voice that can make you deaf and he isn’t afraid to use it. He sometimes mumbles a hello, but usually screeches at the top of his voice. He possesses the unusual skill of opening his own cage when he thinks no one is looking. He climbs up on top of his cage, walks around for a while, and even if the window is open, he goes back, shutting the cage door behind him. Since no one usually believes this possible, for proof, we have a video file. At lease, we think we still have it – will have to look around. $10 for the effort? 😛

That’s the strangest tea stall I have ever seen. I think this was taken on Faiz Road. As you can see, the shop is around 4 ft high and even has a shutter. I wonder if it is still around, after the MCD demolitions.

Taken in CP. The bookseller maybe thought there was a connection between the Butter Chicken in Ludhiana and Bitter Chocolate, looking at their titles.

This is at a Kathi Shop on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road (probably the only MG Road in India that isn’t a Mahatma Gandhi Road). Interesting idea – the shop owner allows visitors to put up their business cards on the board. Twice, while we were eating, people came in to take a look at the board, and one of them stepped out and came back to grab a quick bite.

This happens only in India? I suppose there ar people who would prefer their chicken burgers without onions and garlic during Navratras. O-)

I suggest that you see this video that Ankit posted on how Indians drive. It seemed nothing special to begin with, but after some time I found that I was laughing at it. In fact, had it been a short video, I don’t think I’d have found it amusing.

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The Things We Click

At Nehru Place, while the flooring was being redone. ‘Rejuvenation’ work has been completed

Excellent advice at a Mojari shop in Jaipur.

Menu’s Menus are often a great source of entertainment at Dinner, when conversation is slow. When I go out, I rarely order for myself, but am the first to pick up the menu to look for something that amuses me. This was taken at a brief stopover for a quick junk food lunch that lasted less than a seemingly long 10 min.

Obviously for storing water, but Fire Tank?

Hot wheels. Clicked at the NDPL station near home.

Taken at the Jaipur Literary Fest. Dalrymple’s been indianised.

Now one photograph that I could not click was while driving near the old fort (after Pragati Maidan and before the Zoo) in Delhi. There was a red Maruti 800 on which was a sticker – ‘Narayan Karthikien ka baap’.

(There’s more, but I’ll have to search for it. Watch this space… No, no revealing “MMS'”. Down boys.)

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